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We wish to reassure you that we are regularly checking with Public Health England for updates in the interests of safety and wellbeing for our patients and team, and adjusting our protocols as and when advised.

As dental practices are particularly high risk and as there is a shortage of necessary protective equipment, the government is setting up centres where urgent treatment can be completed safely in an appropriate environment using the most protective measures.

Our team will be contacting you to reschedule any booked appointments which fall within the lockdown period up until the time that we are permitted to reopen and continue treatments.  We will be extending our hours to ensure all patients receive their allocation of treatment and to fulfil our obligation to you.

We will keep you informed and please rest assured that we are still here for you throughout this difficult period to address any of your concerns.  Please ring 07907018983 or email

​My team and I thank you for your understanding, continued support and kind messages.  Our thoughts are with all who have been affected by the Coronavirus pandemic. 

Keep safe, keep well.

Wasif and team 

In light of advice from government and our regulatory bodies to further slow the spread of the Coronavirus, we are temporarily unable to see patients at the practice and will now only be able to deal with emergencies by telephone.  Should you find yourself in need of dental advice, please phone us on 07907018983 where your concerns can be triaged, and appropriate advice offered. 

Update 1st May

Under the circumstances, telephone triaging for those of you presenting with problems has been working reasonably well though clearly without assessing in person, it does present with some difficulties! For most we are able to provide practical help to see you through to our opening and I thank you all for your patience and understanding.

In the last week dental care centres have been set up locally for urgent treatments only and we have managed to arrange appointments for a few of our patients who have needed pressing treatment in a safe environment. 

We have also been taking a number of general enquiries.  Some are related to treatment options, or improving smiles, and others are for just a chat!  Tip: email photos of anything you would like to discuss (e.g. broken tooth, staining, misaligned teeth) – this can work really well and allows us to offer more detailed advice.  

On behalf of the team, we wish you good health and hope to see you soon.


Update 18th May

Unfortunately there is no further (concrete) information to offer our patients.  All practices are still required to remain closed temporarily, as per the department of health and the chief dental officer.  

Emergency dental centres are up and running and, we are informed, are working reasonably well to provide very limited services. 

We are reaching that point where as a profession we anticipate returning to work to provide a service, but there isn't much information available to enable us to do so at present.

We have been preparing however, for what will likely be a gradual introduction of appointments.  We've been in to make sure everything still works!  And we're running through some preliminary procedures for seeing a limited number of patients each day.  Our PPE will be somewhat different to what you're used to seeing us in, with different masks, visors, aprons etc. and will no doubt be a source of much amusement (certainly no more than my current hairstyle), but we will hopefully have more information about this soon (PPE and hair). 

Initially we'll need to prioritise those patients who have already contacted us with longstanding issues for the first week or so of re-opening our doors.  We can then address how we are able to facilitate treating ongoing emergencies and concerns, things that aren't as urgent from a pain point of view, but are important to you. 

We're still not sure how many patients we'll be able to see per day - but almost certainly not the same number as before. 

At this time we are unsure how long this will last last for but it will be dictated by the perceived risk to both our patients and our staff. 


It does feel as though we're being kept in the dark by our regulatory bodies and that dentistry has been forgotten about during this period.  Hopefully it will return to the forefront as it is a vital aspect of healthcare.  We're particularly concerned that we haven't been able to monitor and look at any of our patients for the last 8 weeks and in fact by the time we get back that number may be much more - and that's a great concern for us all here.  It's most important that we are granted permission to return to work as soon as is feasible, at least to assess and plan for our patients.


On opening there will no doubt be a “new normal” although what this means exactly remains to be defined. At present we do not know what criteria we must follow in order to provide services, and where the continued risk of CV will be within the population as a whole. 

We do know that there will be some strict operating procedures and we are confident it will be a safe environment to ensure risks are minimised.  Rest assured everything we do will be for your (and our) protection whilst we go through this interim phase.

As always, thank you for your messages of support.  We have been thinking about you all at this time and it has been a worry that we've not been able to care for you in the way we normally have.  These recent weeks have caused us all to reevaluate and for us, will no doubt lead to a new era in the provision of dental services.  Certainly moving forwards we will continue to look after you and if anything, improve our services further to ensure we make things better and easier for you. 

We will be making contact and updating our website and facebook with information as and when we have it. 

'Stay alert'  


Holmes Chapel Dental Practice 27 London Road Holmes Chapel Cheshire CW4 7AP

~ Please bear with us whilst our website is being updated ~ 

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