When you visit us, we spend time with you to assess your needs and your requests. Having access to high quality imaging facilities assists us greatly in formulating an individual treatment plan and offering options to address your requirements. We will discuss all options openly in full, and ensure that you are involved at every stage, so you can feel confident and comfortable in reaching a decision that suits you. We will clarify treatment costs involved, including options to spread payments, as well as any discount available for our plan patients. A written estimate is issued so that you may consider your options at your leisure. Our friendly reception staff can then book your appointment at a time that suits you. 

For details of our most popular treatments please click below.  If you would like more information on these treatments or require advice specific to your needs please click here



Invisalign and 

conventional bracket systems for short term teeth re-alignment.   


Teeth whitening

Quick, easy, predictable, safe. 


Dentures and bridges

Useful alternatives to implants, your options will be discussed in full ​



Replace unsightly or old fillings for a confident whiter smile


Individually tailored support from our therapist designed to meet your needs



The closest replacement for a natural tooth, implants can be placed in gaps, or used to secure a denture.

Facial Aesthetics

For  a natural and graceful appearance, for a refreshed, rested and rejuvenated version of you. 


Recontouring and Veneers

Slight adjustments and veneer preparation with the least amount of damage 


onlays and  Crowns

Protect your tooth or improve the appearance with a crown  



Clinically proven treatment for snoring and mild to moderate obstructive sleep apnoea