Payment plans and treatment costs 

Our Membership Plan


Our plan offers a simple and flexible way to pay for your dental care. It is our aim to take positive steps to ensure your dental health is never compromised by providing you with a comprehensive program of maintenance and prevention. By visiting regularly through our plan, you could avoid problems and ensure the best chance of being dentally fit for the long term. The plan makes regular visits much more affordable and are available from £7.85/month. 


Who is our plan for?

If you want to safeguard your smile and ensure long term oral health you need a preventative programme. Research has shown that members of the population who attend their dentist regularly have healthier teeth and gums and require less dental treatment than those who do not attend regularly.
Our plan covers the cost of all your regular examinations as well as offering discounts on any treatment you may require, as detailed below.  As an additional benefit, we have incorporated a dental accident and emergency cover to our plan to give you complete peace of mind.  Costs are spread with a monthly Direct Debit making this the simplest way to pay for your preventative oral health programme.

What's included?

Plan 1-1

One examination & one hygiene appointment / year

Plan 2-0

Two examinations /year

Plan 2-2

Two examination & two hygiene appointments /year

Plan 2-4

Two examinations & four hygiene appointments /year

Each of our plans include the following:

  • A full dental health check including oral cancer screening

  • Tailor made hygiene visits (excluding 2-0 plan)

  • All necessary intra oral x-rays

  • 15% off treatments (fillings, crowns, dentures, bridges, whitening and more)

  • Emergency appointments including antibiotics if necessary

  • Up to £10,000 dental accident, emergency and out of hours cover

For full terms and conditions please contact us

  • Flexible appointment times

  • Consultation appointments for advanced treatments

  • Highly qualified, experienced clinicians

Which plan do I choose and how do I join?

The difference between each plan is the number of examination and hygiene appointments per year.  All other inclusions as listed above are the same for each plan.  We may advise attending more frequently if you have a number of teeth which require monitoring or if you require regular cleaning (for example, to address gum disease or to remove staining).  We will always discuss your options in full and help you to make a decision based on your needs. 

Please visit the practice to set up your membership plan where our reception staff will be happy to assist you. Alternatively, you can call or email us and we will take you through the registration.  

Pay as you go 

The alternative to a plan would be to PAYG. The following fees are intended as a guide - it is difficult to be more accurate because the time a procedure takes and the materials we use will vary from one patient to another. Your treatment will be unique to you.  

Before beginning any treatment, we will explain and discuss all the options available to you. Once you have made a decision, we will provide you with a full quotation.  If the treatment plan is changed for any reason we will always discuss and inform you of any cost implications prior to proceeding. If you have any questions about our fees, please feel free to ask – we will be happy to help.  A more detailed fee guide is available on request.

Fee Guide 2020.png

Interest free credit

We provide a simple and affordable way to spread the cost of your dental treatment with a 0% Interest Loan. Repayments start one month after the agreement has been accepted. The application is completed online in privacy, a decision given within seconds and the agreement signed online using e-signature, all in just a few minutes.



  • Instant decision

  • No complicated forms to fill - easy online application

  • Sign online using E-signature

  • The whole application takes just a few minutes

  • ID verified online with Credit or Debit card

  • Dental Treatment Finance from £250 to £25,000

  • Up to 12 months 0% finance

  • Secure Https portal

  • Apply online in complete privacy at home

The benefits to you

  • You can have the treatment right now - putting off dentistry may result in it becoming more extensive, invasive and expensive.

  • You can spread the cost of the treatment over a suitable period.

  • Interest-free and low cost monthly options can be a much more affordable alternative to credit cards or bank loans.

  • It’s easy to set up repayments by Direct Debit.

  • Our staff can help you with the application – it’s simple


For more information please contact us